Real Estate Limited License Terms & Agreement

By ordering services from Quality Home Images (QHI) you agree to the following Service Agreement for Digital Imagery.

I hope these policies are helpful and instructional as we work together to create beautiful photographs for your marketing.

Limited Licensing Release: In order to provide you with the best service and support at reasonable pricing, Quality Home Images do not sell our photographs, We license their use. The fee quoted is especially dependent on (1) payment of the invoice in full, (2) using the photographs only as indicated and (3) protecting them with proper copyright notification.

This service agreement is a limited license photo release.

● Images delivered are licensed to the agent for the purpose of listing a property only.

● Term of the listing, not to exceed 1 year.

● A primary photo can be used for a longer duration and for additional “sold” marketing materials.

● Your Rights permit you to post our photographs on multiple listing services and make the images available in your listing for the Property.

● However, your Rights do not permit third-parties to copy, display or distribute our photographs for the purpose of providing services competitive with the Products you have purchased from us unless we give you written permission.

● Only the agent has permission to use the delivered images on any electronic or printed form of advertisement for the promotion of the property.

● If anyone (Builders, stagers, designers or “third parties”) ask to use the images in a way not directly related to marketing the property, you agree to refer them to us. If we agree to allow others to use the images, additional licensing fee may be required.

● For image integrity and quality control, we ask that Images not be altered once delivered. Image editing will be done by QHI Photography, fees may apply.

● Please contact us for an additional release for any/all printed or web publications not directly related to marketing, fees may apply.

● Photo credit must be given to Quality Home Images when used on any and all social media sites. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc).

● Unauthorized use of images is a copyright violation and will result in termination of this contract.

Copyright Notice:


● The agent agrees that Quality Home Images will remain the owner of all the copyrights of all images.

● Copyright is not and will not be transferred to any other party, without QHI approval.

● Licensing may be obtained for various applications of images, please contact us for more details.

● Quality Home Images retains the copyright and ownership of all images from the photo session and reserves the right to reproduce images for portfolio, studio display, gallery display, website, self-promotion, photo contests, teaching classes and other uses deemed appropriate by QHI. We will not use the Products in a way that interferes with your Rights.

● Quality Home Images reserves all rights not granted to the agent by this agreement. If we discover that someone is infringing on copyright, the agent agrees to cooperate to help stop the infringement or collect damages.

● Home sellers/buyers may request a copy of the photos from the photographer only, separate licensing will apply




What do you do if it is raining?

Weather plays a part in what we do, however we try our best to work around it. If there is predicted rain or snow, we still complete shoots. Our editors can make a rainy day look sunny at no charge to you! If you would like to reschedule due to weather, we will accommodate your needs. The only time we are not able to do shoots is for drone bookings. We are not allowed to pilot a drone during a storm or rain. 

If it is raining, can we do interiors only and exteriors the next day?

If you want to split-up a shoot and do interiors one day and exteriors another day the first shoot is billed as a full shoot and the exteriors are billed as a separate "exteriors only" shoot.

Do you photoshop the sky if it is cloudy?

​Yes! All of our photos are edited to look bright and have blue sky.


How do I schedule a shoot?

We have instant booking online! Just click the 'BOOKING' on the top right corner of our website!

If you do not see any available dates or times email at [email protected] or call us at 708-942-4830

What do I do if I want to reschedule or cancel a shoot?

Once you book online, you will receive a confirmation email and text. There is an option within the confirmation email where you can change the status of the appointment. You can cancel or reschedule a shoot up to 24 hours before the scheduled time.

I have just arrived at the property, and the home is not ready. Can I reschedule at the last minute?

We understand that things happen that are outside of our control in real estate. We want to make sure you receive the best photos, so we provide a CHECKLIST to let the homeowner know what is expected.  If it is not before the 24-hour limit, please call, email, or text us we are understanding and will see what we can do. We do charge a same day cancellation fee of $50 for the photographers travel and time.


How do I prepare my properties for the photoshoot?

We have created a CHECKLIST that provides helpful tips and suggestions to make each listing look great for pictures that you can send to your clients.

Does someone need to present?

No, there is no need for anyone to be present during the shoot. We know that realtors have a busy schedule, so if you can provide us a lockbox or entry code to the property that would be best. If you like to be there to highlight what areas you feel are the most important to showcase we will make sure to focus on those areas. ​

Will you move things if the home is not ready or prepared for the shoot?

Our photographers will do their best to make each listing look it’s best however, we will not clean or remove multiple items from a home. If an item does not fit a room, we will happily  remove it.



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